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Practice Philosophy
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Dental Implants can be a great way to replace missing teeth or an entire arch of teeth. With a variety of treatment options available they are versatile and predictable.
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Crowns & Bridges
Crowns and bridges are often placed when the structural integrity of a tooth may be in jeopardy either from a crack or tooth wear. Bridges can be used to replace teeth. This can be one or many missing teeth and uses the existing teeth as anchors.
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Clear removable aligner therapy can be used in adults and children to correct a variety of dental conditions to straighten your teeth such as over bites, crowding, spacing, and generally straighter teeth. Treatment times vary based on the severity of the case.
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Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry is where science and art combine in dental treatment. This type of dentistry aims to mimic and recreate nature, aka natural human appearances. The goal is to give the patient the best natural-looking result creating an improved, but seamless transformation.
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Advanced Preventive Care
Prevention is key to long term good oral health, therefore if it is gum therapies or prevention of occlusal trauma the goal is always to prevent the incident rather than react to it.
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Airway Management
It is becoming very evident that there is a strong correlation between the oral cavity and overall health. One area that has been overlooked for years is airway management in adults and children through a variety of dental treatments and imaging.
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Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment
Endodontic therapy is preformed when the nerve of the tooth becomes inflamed or damaged and is not able to recover from the insult. Endodontics allows the tooth to be saved in many cases and usually can be completed in one visit. Endodontic treatment is similar to a long dental filling appointment.
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Although permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, sometimes dental extractions are necessary when teeth become diseased or fractured. Often times grafting material can be placed at the extraction site to preserve bone and allow for future therapies like implants.

What Can You Expect?

All visits to our office begin with listening to your concerns and wishes. Our new patient process continues with a comprehensive examination that leads to the best treatment options available, based on the exam findings and your goals.

We strive to provide all care in an atmosphere of uncompromising compassion and comfort, enabling each of our patients to enjoy their lives with healthy, stable and pleasing smiles. At CHDC we are dedicated members of a team focused on these common goals.

We Look Forward to Meeting
You and Your Family!  

Whether you are looking for a routine checkup, minor to moderate dental care, or more advanced procedures like dental implants or a smile makeover, Camden Hills Dentistry  offers a wide variety of procedures to uniquely fit your needs. In addition, our friendly staff ensures that your visit to the dentist is affordable and comfortable.

If you are searching for a Camden area dentist, look no further. Contact us today at (207) 236-2400.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about Camden Hills Dentistry. We know that the first step towards a beautiful and healthy smile begins with selecting an office that you can trust and rely on. We think you will see how we can be an integral part of your dental care. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment.

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